Greenpeace wanted to protest against the Government changes to
planning laws, allowing fracking companies to drill under people’s homes without consent. A small space press ad asking supporters to sign a petition was produced and backed by social media to gain funding for media.

Also a coordinated campaign ran during the build up to the 2015 general election enabling voters to apply pressure on their constituency candidates to declare where they stood on fracking by signing up to the
“Frack Free Promise”.

  • Role Art Direction/Concepts/Layout design/Typography/Illustration

Using Twitter to appeal for donations to pay for running the ad

The public could go online and find out which candidates in their constituency supported the Frack Free Promise

They could go online and download a letter asking their candidate to oppose fracking and sign up to the FFP

Greenpeace installed a life-like ten-metre fracking rig and drill in Parliament Square to bring the message to the home of the Government

Controversely, the ASA upholds a complaInt by Lord Lipsey regarding the claims that fracking will not reduce household energy bills