• Role Concepts/Art Direction/Design/Typography/Mac visuals
  • For BRIGHT
  • Type FMCG/Retail/In store/Integrated

Match Attax are the only official Premier League Trading Card Game so they are the only way you could get your hands on the real players.

So we dressed the kids up as real football managers and used quotes from them for the headlines. The TV idea was to be shot on mobile phones, which hadn’t been done at the time.

The child swaps three top players for Robbie Savage, and the real one turns up in the car on the way home. Other scripts meant he would keep appearing throughout the campaign. Robbie saw the scripts and he was up for it but sadly the campaign didn’t run.

(Allison) Press and POS

(Wenger) Press and POS

(Cloughie) Press and POS

(Keegan) Press and POS